Welcome to Style IQ, where looking smart and feeling great are made easy and fun!

Glamorous holiday fashion, bright spring patterns, sleek summer styles, fun fall layers. Every season we're lured by the fashion industry to buy the latest styles. It’s nearly impossible to resist spicing up our closets with beautiful new clothes and accessories.

If that all sounds appealing – but totally overwhelming, you’ve absolutely come to the right place. I will help you learn more about your own style, find the fashions – and even plan and pack them when you head out on vacation or a long work weekend. Head to toe, Style IQ offers services for every style desire. 

Choose one – or choose them all!

It all starts with a Closet180 – a thorough overview of what you own. I’ll help you decide what to keep, how to put outfits together you never knew you had – and what should go directly to the nearest donation or thrift shop.

Next, it’s time to ShopSmart. Using your budget, we’ll shop for wardrobe pieces that fit, flatter and finish out your wardrobe.

If you’d like to keep track of how it all works together, then LookBook is your next step. This service takes all of the guesswork out of looking completely put together.

If you want to share your fashion fun with your friends, check out the Style IQ LookLesson – a group get-together where I will give you and each of your pals specific tips to take back to your own closets.

Maybe you want to shop at a specific store or boutique with a group of friends? Sign up for a CloserLook! I’ll take you on a style adventure.

And finally, let me help you plan and pack for your next trip to the beach, the mountain, the city – or anywhere you want to go and still look great – with Look-to-Go.